What Happens When a Brand Fails Its Community?


In San Diego, many Brands fail to provide services to their communities. Whether that be through branding or by providing custom promotional items, a brand’s failure to deliver on community services will result in a brand failing its community. But access the Social Cali Digital Marketing Agency SEO San Diego here and know what can a brand do to help?

Stacey Edelstein

In her latest article, Stacey Edelstein explains what happens if a brand fails its community. She focuses on the importance of community and nonprofits. The author is a Co-founder of Raygun, which helps nonprofits create a positive impact on the community. Her company collaborates with nonprofits that support the arts, education, and humanitarian causes.

Stacey Edelstein’s passion for design

Stacey Edelstein is a branding design leader and the co-founder of Raygun, a social impact design studio. Her firm helps clients develop design-driven stories and creative solutions to help make a difference in their communities. She has worked with organizations such as the Women’s Refugee Commission, UCSD Center for Community Health, and Mingei International Museum. Edelstein also serves as a lead marketing designer for StoryCorps, a nonprofit that records the lives and stories of everyday people.

Aside from her work as a creative director, Stacey is a mother, a big sister, a mentor, and an activist. She volunteers her time and effort to organize community events and provide a platform for local changemakers. Stacey never gets tired of connecting people and ideas to create a better world.

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