How to Put on Football Training Equipment



If you want to improve your football skills, football training equipment can be a useful tool. It can help you train individually or in groups. View Strobe Sport and use it to practice free kicks and ball bending skills. You can even set up mannequins to represent defenders in the box so that you can practice taking shots.

Slalom poles

Slalom poles can be used for a variety of football training drills. They are ideal for solo or team practice and are easily portable. They come with metal spikes to prevent them from slipping and come with a handy carry bag. This equipment is useful for training both young and older players, as well as for general fitness training.

Slalom poles come in different sizes and can be used indoors and outdoors. They are available in classic colours such as white, blue, red and yellow. The spiked variety is suitable for artificial or grassland surfaces. Slalom poles can be purchased separately or as a pack of five.


One of the most essential pieces of football training equipment is cones. This versatile piece of equipment helps coaches and players to identify key areas and drills during training. Cones can be purchased from a variety of sources and are ideal for any sport, including youth football, adult football, and high school football.

Cones come in a variety of sizes and can be used to help students develop their agility. A good combination of cones and ladders can make the training process more challenging and effective for athletes. This combination is great for football training because it will improve players' speed, agility, and precision.

SKLZ American football throwing nets

SKLZ American football throwing nets offer a number of benefits for young athletes. Designed with a durable frame and a high-visibility target, the nets are easy to set up and take down. They help players improve accuracy, distance, and speed. This football training equipment is an excellent investment for off-season training.

SKLZ's American football throwing nets are an effective way to train your team members to be more accurate in their throwing and kicking techniques. They are made of durable PVC and feature slanted sides to minimize the risk of tripping. These football training equipment are great to use at home or at a park.

GSI football kicking nets

GSI football kicking nets are a great way to improve the agility and speed of a football player. Made of first-string polypropylene thermoplastic polymer, these kicking nets are lightweight and portable. They can be used for various drills, including tackling and agility training.

Kicking nets are also a great way to practice long snapping, punting, and other types of kicks. With practice, a football kicker can improve their skills and become more versatile. Football kicking nets are an essential piece of football training equipment.

Blocking sleds

Blocking sleds are a practical training tool that allows players to practice their game blocking skills. They are useful for a variety of drills, including zone blocking, pass protection, and combination blocks. Using them allows players to perfect their skills and improve their overall game performance.

Blocking sleds are a staple of football training equipment and have been used for years by football coaches. These sleds allow players to practice head-to-head blocking with a partner, which helps develop strength and hit techniques. They are also beneficial for teaching proper tackling techniques without risking the safety of teammates.

Tackling dummies

Training dummies are a great way to help football players develop their technique. Some players use tackling dummies to work on their speed and footwork. Others use agility ladders to practice tackling with precision. Whatever you choose, make sure it is weighted properly and is not too heavy to lift. For example, if you are training a 200-pound lineman, you should choose a tackling dummy that has more tubes around the middle and a bigger bag. It is also a good idea to use small plugs to help keep the dummy in place.

Football training dummies can also be used to practice blocking. A good blocking dummy forces players to keep their arms in and move their feet properly. The narrow design also keeps players from illegal blocking. The dummy's weight also forces players to maintain proper form. A football training dummy also helps with man-on-man drills.

GSI American football tackling dummies

American football tackling dummies can be a powerful training tool. They can help players improve their technique by providing accurate body height and shape. These training aids are also a great way to develop single-player contact and reaction speed. These tackling dummies come in a variety of sizes and weights to fit most players.

The GSI Stepover Dummy is a versatile football training tool that will allow you to work on lateral speed, acceleration, and change of direction. Its foam grade allows it to be tackled and is portable with handles on each end. Its base and top are 128cm long and 45cm wide, making it easy for players to move it to different positions.