Best Bar in Fairfax



If you're looking for a casual yet fun bar in Fairfax, check out Mac's at 19 Broadway. The place has open-mic nights and live music, as well as patio seating. This is a long-running bar with a fun, casual vibe.

Mac's at 19 Broadway

Mac's at 19 Broadway is a speakeasy bar with an old-world vibe. It features 1920s artwork and a hand-finished bar. There's also an outdoor patio with heaters, perfect for the winter months. The ceiling is decorated with ornate, embossed designs. This bar is open daily for happy hour.

Mac's has a great drink menu, including cocktails and wines. It also features live music every Monday and Friday. On Mondays, there's a Blues jam.

Peri's Bar

Mac's at Nineteen Broadway is a long-standing Fairfax favorite with a relaxed, neighborhood vibe. This cozy pub often hosts live music and open mic nights, and features a large patio and outdoor seating. The music is typically classic rock or piano, and the atmosphere is easygoing and friendly. If you're in town for a special occasion or want to celebrate a special occasion with friends, Mac's offers both.

This cozy tavern has been in the community for 95 years, and is a favorite of many locals. It features live music and friendly mixologists. The atmosphere is relaxed, but it has a hip edge. Mac's is a place to catch an exciting performance by local or national bands.

Open-mic nights

The open-mic nights at Mac's at 19 are a great way to showcase your talent as a musician. This long-standing bar has live music and patio seating, plus an easygoing atmosphere. Open-mic nights at Mac's are free and open to the public, and anyone can perform.

Whether you're a seasoned musician or new to the art of live music, Mac's at 19 Broadway is the perfect venue. Every Tuesday night, the bar offers a mix of local musicians and a relaxed atmosphere. There's no cover charge, and you can jam with the band if you're not ready to play a full set. The bar also offers good food and solid beer selections, so there's something for everyone.


The patio overlooks the bustling neighborhood of West Hollywood, which makes it an ideal location for a warm summer evening. This long-running bar is known for its live music and open-mike nights. It also has a relaxing vibe, with a casual, laid-back atmosphere.

The bar offers a selection of prohibition-style concoctions and perfectly crafted classics. A well-curated craft beer list completes the cocktail list. There is also a live music stage and a full bar for dancing and partying.


Drinks at Mac's at 19 Broadway is an urban speakeasy with live music and a wide selection of craft beers. The atmosphere is lively and the menu is diverse, offering prohibition-style cocktails and craft beers. You'll also find an extensive wine list, a full bar, and live music most nights of the week.

The bar is home to an eclectic mix of drinks, including the Zelda Fitzgerald, named for local rock star Zelda Fitzgerald. You can also try Lord Fairfax and Zombie, both made with gin and ginger beer. Mac's at 19 Broadway bar in Fairfax also offers a few other cocktails, such as the Smoking Gun, a combination of gin and scorched peach bitters.


If you're in the mood for live music, try Mac's at 19 Broadway, a speakeasy lounge with great drinks and live performances. It's also an excellent place to hang out with friends and enjoy the neighborhood's culture. This bar offers classic cocktails, craft beer, and a carefully curated wine list. The bar, named after a famous Fairfax bartender, has a long history in the community.

The bar's atmosphere is casual and welcoming. It features local and touring bands on its regular schedule. This is a favorite among Fairfax's music crowd. A recent re-opening brought back some of the bar's most iconic live performances.

The first show in August featured Reggie Austin, Christianna Valentina, and Garry Graham. Every first Sunday of the month, the bar hosts a band called the 19 Broadway Good Time Band. They play from 4-7 p.m. On Wednesdays, the bar hosts karaoke. No matter who you're looking for, you'll be sure to find a great time at Mac's at 19 Broadway.