Well, if you’ve come here, it means you are trying to get your game up, in the bedroom. Fret not because you have come to the right place. I will list out a couple of facts and even some pieces of advice that you should totally take into your mind. Sex is indeed a wonderful and amazing experience, and even if you’ve had a lot of it, there is still plenty for you to learn. Okay then, let’s get started:


  1. Sex will open up your sinuses, if you’re feeling congested, get your partner and get it on. You will soon breathe easy again. It is mainly because of the rush of adrenaline your body produces when you reach orgasm which indeed opens your nasal tissues.
  2. Sperm (male ejaculate) is great for your skin. It acts as a powerful antioxidant and is reportedly a great way to treat wrinkles. It even reduces the appearance of some scars.
  3. Men who are overweight have proven to take 3 times longer to climax than their fit and muscle-bound counterparts.
  4. Some studies have found that 10% of people who were interviewed, actually have sex at work. Apparently, this helps in getting over the mid-day slump.
  5. Women have a way of making their voice more sexy and enticing, so if you’ve got a girlfriend or a wife go and ask them to do so. In a research study when men were asked to do this, only 5% of them were actually able to arouse a partner through their voice; the rest of them sounded creepy.
  6. Sex can really blow your mind, as intercourse causes something called the transient global amnesia which is temporary memory loss. This can be sudden but indeed very fortunate. Don’t worry you will remember how good it was after a few hours. Why this happens is because of pressure on your veins while having sex which leads to deoxygenated blood heading towards your head.
  7. Exercise can actually cause orgasms for women, and cause erections for men; well mainly because of all that blood flow. A recent study estimated 15% of women who go to the gym have experienced orgasms during their workouts. Here I am wondering, how would they have covered up the fact that they were climaxing, in front of all those people in the gym?
  8. Men have a G-spot as well. They have an area in their bodies when stimulated can cause immense pleasure. This is actually near the prostate and is right under the bladder. It is usually reached by access through the anus and an in and out movement or circular movement inside. Now we know how gays have so much fun.

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