TV shows and movies provide us with the most entertainment when we are bored and have nothing else to do. We binge watch our favourite shows like Game Of Thrones, FRIENDS, How I Met Your Mother, Modern Family and many more. These are some of my beloved ones. One thing that I have noticed on these shows is that there is always one or two characters that are so sexually charged and always on the lookout for a hookup, that they do anything and everything in their power to get someone into their bed. This would classify as entertainment for us because it is indeed funny as to how these individuals behave so that they can find someone to hook up with. Here is a list of some of these characters on some brilliant shows:

  1. Tyrion Lannister from Game Of Thrones: Tyrion has proven to be a whore monger and a very sexually charged character who only cared about sex and wine. Until the show’s 3rd season, he never showed any inclination of abandoning his whoring ways. He had a different girl every night and was very much in complete happiness with this. He even paid a whore named Shae to go with him to his residence and ended up falling in love with. It was when he wed Sansa Stark that he finally quit sleeping around with strange women.
  2. Barney Stinson from How I Met Your Mother: Barney, I can say is one of the biggest sexually promiscuous and sex addicted characters to be shown in a TV show; ever. This man literally had a fat book of ‘plays’ that he used to use on women to trick them into sleeping with him. A perfect body bundled with Lil’ Barney (his words) and an endless amount of lies and fake-outs that end up working on these women, he showed no signs of slowing down; until he started falling in love with one of his best friends, Robin (Cobie Smulders). The couple did get married but ended up getting divorced after only 3 years of being together because of irreconcilable differences. Barney went back to sleeping with strange women after the divorce and didn’t stop until he got one of the girls pregnant. After the baby was born, he promised to stop his ways and take care of her with all of his love and care.
  3. Phoebe Buffay from FRIENDS: Having had an intensely rough childhood Phoebe is a very quirky person. She is also amazing in bed, having dated multiple men until she finally married a man she fell in love with, Mike Hannigan (Paul Rudd, Ant-Man, MCU).
  4. Luke Dunphy from Modern Family: Having suddenly become ‘the hot one’ (his words) Luke has undoubtedly become a little bit of a sexually charged teen. He has indeed bed multiple girls already and is only 18 years old.


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